Leiga is an visual artist that started his career doing pichação in 1996, in Guarulhos, his hometown. He started doing Graffiti in 1999. Graduated in graphic design on Escola Panamericana de Arte e Design, works in many different areas of creation: visual arts, fashion, illustration, graffiti, customization, and digital midias. With strong appeal to the ludic world, his plastic job - dubbed as Bubbles - blends concrete and abstract elements, mixing traditional fonts, graffiti letters and geometric forms.


"I develop abstract visual proposals in which the viewer creates his own illusions about art."

Some Projects:

LinkedIn, Estrella Galicia, Google, Budweiser, Reebok, Consigaz, Pepsi, Habibs, Sesi, Natura, Umbro, Risque, Cavalera, Brookfield Incorporações, C&A, among others...

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