Jonesy is amulti-media artist, who started out manyyears ago in the world of Advertising as a multicreative freelancer.

He now enjoys expressing himself through any creative means from drawing, painting, digitalart, to performing art.

He recently participated to ING Discerning Eye Exhibition at Mall Galleries and to Kind(He)Art Exhibition at Hoxton Arches.

An ambition of Jonesy is to create the biggest drawing in the world based on the 2d-3d principals, this has been on the back burners for the last ten years.

Jonesy's aim is to be part of the process of helping others achieve a better equal world for all. He would also like to bring awareness to the plight of non-typical thinkers as he discovered early 2020 that he has struggled all his life with the condition of ADHD, which is still widely unrecognised and has improved his life dramatically, so Jonesy would like to be an ambassador to help with the understanding of this awesome condition.

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watch him in action!

Artworks for Sale

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