Andy Barlow is a painter and digital artist working with oil on canvas, oil pastel on paper, giclee print and digital for NFT, (on platforms including Foundation, KnownOrigin and Teia, where he is mainly known by ABX and AB_X_NFT). He is a Creative Director and exhibited artist, making a collection of portraits, designed to engage around the real and the imagined, challenging, telling stories and provoking conversation.


The work offered here, with C10U is very high quality limited edition giclée digital prints on stunning Hahnemühle German Etching Paper all signed, numbered and dated. Along with unique, one of a kind paintings and drawings on paper and canvas.


How the works are created


Each piece begins as a hand drawn illustration, most usually taken from life drawing. It is then scanned into the computer, where it receives a digital overlay using Pro Create for iPad, often the piece is then printed onto German etching paper, to then receive a final treatment in oil pastel, resulting in unique, one of a kind pieces as well as limited edition prints. 


Andy has exhibited in both one man and group shows in London and Manchester, and has sold work around the world, including the USA, where he lived whilst working as the Creative Director of a leading, global design and branding agency.


Andy Barlow is a Creative Director, digital artist, painter, bass player and biker, he has an MA in Interior Architecture and currently lives in North London with his wife, Simina. 

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