Founder and Director

Cristina Carotenuto was born in Turin, Italy, in a family of art lovers and collectors. The creativity of her mother and grandfather, the first one a writer and the second one an artist and art collector, gave her the opportunity to meet some very interesting people, during her life, with a strong passion for Art. Later, during her Architectural studies at the University of Genoa, she developed a passion in Contemporary Art, when she was lucky enough to attend an extra-curricular course in that subject with the opportunity to attend some workshops with emerging young artists. 
Since then her passion for art made her travel a lot to discover contemporary art around the world, when finally Sotheby’s Institute of Art gave her a better knowledge of the Art Market, switching in her the great desire to help young artists to emerge. After working as independent Art Advisor in London, she decided to make her dreams come true launching c10u.

c10u is an Art Curation and Artist Representation Agency with a global focus.
Today not having a strong presence on the web is almost like not existing: the network of contacts has also to be built online and taking care of one’s digital brand image is fundamental especially in art.
The art world benefits from online visibility, giving artists and professionals the chance to be known by fans and collectors.
c10u works with a growing number of emerging contemporary artists whose careers are developing.
c10u helps to promote an artist’s body of work, and capture new audiences. 
Art doesn't sell itself, someone needs to sell it and c10u works on behalf of an artist to represent, promote, and sell their work. In many ways, c10u represents the business interests of the artist, whether by pursuing individual sales, licensing deals, publicity, or opportunities like events, or commissions for artists.
At c10u not only do we promote and sell contemporary artworks but also build your reputation as a professional artist internationally. 

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